About Hiketivity

Hiketivity is my love letter to the transformative 

power of a walk.

Hello, I’m Tati Santos. Growing up in southern Brazil, nature was my playground. Family adventures sparked a lifelong love for hiking that continued as I explored my hometown, Porto Alegre.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 1997, I encountered a city unfamiliar with the culture of walking, dominated by cars, freeways  and empty sidewalks. Yet, I saw potential – a city waiting to be rediscovered on foot. 

Guiding friends through LA, I crafted unique walks, revealing hidden gems and captivating history. These explorations became the seeds from which Hiketivity blossomed. 🌱



Hiketivity is more than just curated walks – it’s a movement to reignite your explorer spirit and connect you with nature. We believe walking holds a special power. It can transform you, whether you’re strolling through a park, a street or hiking a mountain trail. 


We’re on a mission to help you: 

  • Explore New Places: Hiketivity offers diverse hikes and walks for all interests and fitness levels. From breathtaking mountain trails to charming city adventures, there’s a whole world out there waiting for your footsteps.
  • Embrace Nature: Join us to experience the calming power of nature. Find peace on a local park stroll or feel invigorated by a redwood forest hike.
  • Get Active: Make getting healthy simple! Our walks are fun and accessible, making physical activity a breeze to fit into your day.
  • Rediscover Your City (or a New One!): Explore your surroundings with fresh eyes and fall back in love with your city. Uncover hidden gems and experience the beauty right in your own neighborhood.


At Hiketivity, we dream big! We envision a global network of walking enthusiasts, exploring the hidden gems of major cities around the world. Imagine the breathtaking cityscapes or unforgettable cultural encounters waiting for you in São Paulo, Vancouver, Paris, Tokyo, Cape Town, and countless other cities.



Remember the saying from “Into the Wild” – “Happiness is only real when shared”?

We at Hiketivity believe in the power of shared experiences. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our upcoming feature: Walk With Me.

Walk With Me lets you connect with others for shared walking adventures.



As we grow, our commitment to inspiring people to reconnect with nature, their cities, and each other remains unwavering. We are more than just a community; we are a movement towards a healthier, happier, and more connected world.

We invite you to walk with us into this exciting future, one step at a time.


Hiketivity – Get active, it’s addictive!